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  Hand Carved Oriental Worshipper Stone Figure     $23.00

  Antique/Vintage Hand Carved Figural Statue in a White Color Stone. Stands 12-1/8" high and weighs a heavy six pounds before packing material.

  A very nice original period, and recently as-found condition. Hand carved, it may have scratches and chips overall on this piece, and 1 hair line crack in the base that may have been repaired. All the wear you see in the photos have been due to storage and handling over the years. Very highly detailed hand carvings and etchings to represent the figure. It is a stone carving, but we are not experts on stone carvings like this. No artists marks, no other identifying marks what-so-ever can be found on this piece. We really do not know very much about sculpture art, and we make an educated guess that this may have been an import piece at the turn of the 20th Century.

Your Price : $23.00


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